Another Slice of Reality

As an expansion of documentary theatre, another version of this scene, with an altered set of circumstances: a Wall Street bond trader, laid off, presents a more skeptical view of the financial crisis …

But is this real documentary?  The style might originally come from people who have really gone into communities and done interviews, etc. – but then the style becomes repeatable?

How does going out and getting the information yourself change the experience?

Is it possible that it’s difficult to empathize with a bond trader? There’s a difference between being a victim of rape and being an unsympathetic financier.

What is it about straight facts that gives more authority?  And is there something about the first people to do a piece that carries a weight that gets diminished in subsequent productions by other companies?

Is this the same argument between fictionalized memoir, e.g. James Frey?  Isn’t it true that we hate art, hate fiction?


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