Matters Closer to Home

Levine: Documentary theatre from the point of view of the conspirators … do you have any sympathy for this person at all?

The idea of empathy or sympathy doesn’t seem to matter in political theatre – instead I want stretch my perspective.

Would a play about a bond trader do that?

I’ve never actually considered the bond traders’ place in all this, so in a way I think I do see things differently than I did before … at least the complexity of the situation seems clearer …

The story of Barney Frank grilling Liddy of AIG about wanting names of people getting bonuses .  Liddy: I’m not worried about lawsuits, I’m worried about letters that threaten the bonus people should get garroted, along withtheir families …

Every whore in Venice tells the same story!

Levine: if this story is told, does it help?  if it doesn’t convince someone to throw away the piano wire, what’s the point?


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