Simone Weil, she whom our evening is organized around

Levine: the spectre of anguish, irrelevance, remoteness hangs over our efforts to make political theatre.  The life and thought of Simone Weil echoes this dilemma.

SW: born in 1909, died in 1943.  Politicized at an early age.  Intellectual prodigy.  Anorexic or martyr, depending on your interpretation.  Teaching Plato to factory workers – working on the Renault assembly line.  Despite being a pacifist, she volunteers to fight in the Spanish Civil War.  A series of mystical experiences move her thinking deeply toward religious concerns.

Venice Saved written in 3 days while she and her family fled the Nazi occupation of Paris.  Weil dies of tuberculosis in London, her condition fatally exacerbated by a refusal to eat in sympathy with those suffering in France.


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