Violetta, Bond Trader

Levine: If it’s closer to our own world, does that make the events more immediate?

Violetta reappears, a laid-off bond trader interviewed by a journalist, offering her own skeptical insights into the Wall Street Bailout …

Levine: does that also make you want to run screaming?

Well, less so … it wasn’t as … maudlin

Aren’t we tired of so many actors portraying victims who they’ve interviewed, channeling that air of authenticity – “once again it’s someone else’s pain, and I’m going to feel bad and confront the forces of history … this theatrical construct seems played out … the idea may be beautiful, but I can’t get past the falseness.  It’s a narrow emotional world.”

Colleen: do you feel bad for Hamlet?

I feel a lot of things of Hamlet.  You’ve divided things up – this is an easy post-modernist construct.

Gideon: someone mentioned Blasted – does that offer a different model?


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