Laughter in the Dark

A mercenary smiles at what might be a heartbreaking tale of debasement and despiar: “every courtesan in Venice tells that exact same story!”

The same scene is played again, the circumstances updated to the present day …

“In the first scene I’m thinking about the ideas, in the second I was thinking more about things I didn’t know about – about the characters, about the facts …”

“But the first scene seems more political to me – the courtesan has a very specific and dark vision, such a sinister idea, which makes us question our beliefs.”

“But formally, they seem the same – the content and language may change, but the form is the same.  It seems a very common piece.”

GLK: Do you think there’s a limitation to the form?

“With suspension of disbelief, our consciousness is being absorbed into the story …”

Levine: then let’s try something else …


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