What Can Anyone Expect

“I don’t actually like political theatre, but I still think that to work it has to have some effect.”

“Isn’t that a question of the author’s intent?”

Colleen: I think we’re giving really short shrift to political theatre, and its capacity to make change in the world.

Jon Krupp: What about the 15-20 people in the room who haven’t spoken … what do any of you want to say?

Is good political theater rooted more in responsibility, rather than action?  We’re bringing it closer and closer to our own experience, but shouldn’t responsibility be more important than, say, understanding.

To take responsibility I have to feel something.

You can say, “those guys are bad, but I’m nowhere near this situation” and that lets you off the hook.

The single thing that’s going to engage me isn’t fitting the context into my situation, but the story of a man who begins the play thinking one thing, but then comes to think something else, and then by doing so, destroys everything around him.  That’s why we need a right-wing play.  If I’m an atheist, then I need to understand what it is to believe in God.


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