A Seminar in Statecraft

Renaud explains the plan and sack and govern Venice.

So … is there sympathy.  Is such a naked analysis of power relevant?

Sure, its the shock doctrine.

[here follows a précis of Naomi Klein’s book …]

Weil also gets the destruction down to the level of culture – recalling much of what we’ve seen in New Orleans, or the looting that was allowed to happen in Iraq … but what do you do with prescience?

Well, you can only make your piece – you can’t force people to an specific interpretation.

And can we even call it prescience – it seems more like timelessness.

But Brecht’s critique of timelessness is that it means you can’t change a thing, and that the common response is stoicism …

But is there any right response at all? That seems totally impossible.

And with that challenge hanging in the air … we break.


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