Discussion Kicked Off

The first Courtesan scene, a classical tale of injustice and revenge – however questioned for its conventional nature – lays out the first and most basic question of the evening:”is this political?”

And the first answer comes … “yes … it’s about power …”

Is it political because what the Courtesan is talking about, or because of their interaction …

Weil’s Iliad: Poem of Might is invoked – the inevitability of terrible suffering behind any display of heroics … a cycle of crime and reprisal …for her, the Iliad is the major work of the Western canon.

Levine: is that message relevant today?

Certainly we see how the political becomes personal –

A question back to the cast: is your own question – “political?” – political?  Should we perform this scene, or merely talk about it?  Are you talking about the content or the performance itself?

Levine: let’s hold that question until we see another scene …


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