A Masochistic Sense of Social Justice

The presentations begin: first David Levine on the general overview of the piece – the plot of Venice Saved, the example of Simone Weil, the dilemma of political theatre; then in turn Colleen Werthmann, Gideon Lewis-Kraus, and James Hannaham discussing Weil’s life, her work, and the play itself in more detail.

During these presentations, the audience is entirely well-behaved.  The gift bags are generally on the table, not yet upturned and fully rummaged.  In terms of statistics, nearly every third person listens to Ms. Werthmann while resting their heads on either one or both hands.  Approximately 2.5% of the audience is tapping one foot with a nervous insistence.  As Mr. Lewis-Kraus speaks slightly less than 10% of the audience is taking notes.

Around the table 15 beverage containers are visible: 6 bottles of water; 7 cups of coffee; 1 thermos cup (possible also contaning coffee); 1 Vitamin Water (the fructose content of which excludes it from category 1).

By the time James Hannaham is speaking, the foot jiggling has ceased.  Victoire.


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