How Many Good and Beautiful Human Beings There Are

Introductions over, the audience is once more invited to wade in.  The parade of snippets from Venice Saved has ended with an extended scene between the Courtesan and two mercenaries. “So … in which sense is this scene political?”

Woman 1: “It’s about negotiation …”

Is negotiation necessarily political?

Woman 2: “It’s not political, it’s just about revenge – and not even revenge on the evil-doers, but on their families.  Revenge without politics.”

Woman 4: “But the use of women – which continues to this day – is always political.”

Woman 2: “Could you define political?”

Levine: Best of luck!  No, really, that’s the question …

A general scuffle about the  Courtesan’s revenge, trying to define its political element.

Woman 2: “Political comes from ‘polis’, which suggests a city, a system …”

Levine: and maybe this city – Venice – is too removed from us … let’s try another version.


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