Institutional Perspectives

Violetta is re-purposed with regard to the nonb-profit theatre:

M7: I feel like we’re losing the point – rape is one thing, but losing your job or having problems with theatre really dilute the message.

CW: but the structure of the scene is about betrayal, about that being seen in a system, and that’s a constant in each scene.

L: okay, but what Jackson was talking about – whether his students are watching – matters more than these different elements because no one’s watching.

Jackson: yeah!

M4: one reason it’s not getting through is that kids aren’t able to focus, because they’re under all kinds of other real-world pressure and theatre just can’t seem as immediate.

M3: but theatre has to be accessible.  and it has to be affordable – and usually it’s neither.

L: there’s a lot of money for outreach and education theatre – more than for “normal” theatre –

M3: my kids read Shakespeare and Uncle Tom’s Cabin – they love it – it’s just a question about making theatre accessible for them, and that’s more about the institution, about a sense of who goes to theatre, what class or race they are, than it is about the work itself.

M1: but you’re doing a play that isn’t finished … why did she die?  if she’s too busy “walking the walk” to finish the play, can you really do the play?


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