Politics of Theatre

Levine: but the politics in the event itself are problematic – people paying $50 to sit in the dark, watching people making minimum wage playing victims of injustice.

M2: the political thing in theatre isn’t the message, but the live audience, and the live situation on stage – there’s always the possibility for something to happen, right now, at any time, for someone to stand up, for the show to evolve into a political situation.  that’s a genuine element of theatre.

W8: this reminds me of my art class.  for example, if the audience were asleep, it would effect how the actors perform – instead of the movies, where the product has already been created.

W9: but how often does that happen, that anyone stands up and provokes anything?

M4: more people yell at a movie screen than the theatre.

CN: every night, even with a set script, every night is different.

W1: to deny that is to deny the whole essence of theatre.

CW: I don’t think the audience knows how the influence they have

W1: that doesn’t matter – that’s good theatre.

L: is it good politics?

W1: It’s the same thing.


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