W4: I think we have a very ham-handed definition of political theatre.

[précis of It Is What It Is at the New Museum]

What are the different valences between seeing a play written by an Iraq vet about Iraq and Jeremy Dellert’s piece where you can go to the New Museum and actually talk to real Iraqis?

M2: I went to the NM, and I was incredibly annoyed – it’s great as a building, and usually the exhibitions suck – it didn’t do anything to me.

W7: Are they being paid?

DL: Yes, by the New Museum, by Creative Capital, etc.

W3: there is something interesting about the estethicization of human contact, which I can’t imagine is part of the play. Is this sitation right now closer to something like that NM piece?

DL: But those pieces are often deliberately positioned against theatre.

JH: What’s the difference between having these discussions afterwards in a bar vs. having them here and now?


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