Loose Opening

It’s a rainy Thursday, an off-day in every respect, as people take their seats, sorting out coats and umbrellas and bags.  Also the gift bags, which as always provoke a curious pre-show investigation.

The first count of beverage containers on the table: 6 waters (all in front of actors), 5 coffees (2 from Mud, a splendid Dutch Orange), 1 tea (also in front of an actor).  Jon Krupp, with two bottles of water and a coffee in front of him, has made the night’s most assertive stance with regard to evident liquids.

Significant perhaps due to  Venice Saved‘s insistence on conversation and democracy, there are three parents of cast members around the table.  Also, there are the same number of critics and journalists.  Parsing the overlap between these two communities is surely a task beyond this simple record.

And now we’re here, as David Levine calls the place to order: “you’re in a theatre now, real interaction has to stop!”


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