The Tragedy of Coriolanus Lost

Violetta re-positioned as a lost, lonely, desperate dramaturg …

DL: So, are you sympathetic?

JB: It’s a sad story!

[Is this the kind of theatre production where you can get another beer?]

DL: Okay, we know this story … was she sympathetic?

AML: Well, people laughed.

W2: if you switched the genders, wouldn’t it make it all more pointed?  you’re changing the text all the time, and it’s not quite fair.

DL: it’ s not fair in the slightest.  but the problem with making those changes is that we actually already pretty much know what we’d get.  there’s a broader question to be asked which isn’t just about sympathy.  the more we seem to know about the issues being discussed, the more ambiguity we seem to find.

re: 7 Jewish Children … can you claim to be political when no one’s actually going to see the work?  relative to tv or film, in the culture –

JH: do you mean literally no one sees it?

DL: no, I obviously don’t mean literally

W3: but so what – if you don’t mean literally, what’s the number that makes it worth while?

AML: it seems to be that Churchill’s political gesture is outside her play – the play can be acted any way at all, despite the gesture.

W2: when I saw the collection booth outside The Exonerated, I was horrified.  I was there to see theatre, not to participate in someone’s cause.  I was scandalized.  There are other ways to help them.

DL: With activist theatre in the 60’s they were passing the hat all the time.

KB: I don’t go to the living theatre to be manipulated.

GLK: but I don’t think it’s manipulative at all – it seems very up front.

KB: I think it cheapens the experience … if you go to see the best piece of political theatre you can imagine, and you come out and someone asks you for $10, is that all that experience was worth?

JB: I agree that I don’t like being pressured, but that doesn’t make the show manipulative.

DL: But if the show is changing your life, I don’t get the resentment …

JH: I can see it if you feel like you’ve been set up.  Why do the play if you’re just asking for money?

CW: Why is your indignation over allegedly being manipulated cancelling out your estethic experience …

GLK: also, by your logic Harriet Beecher Stowe would have resented the Emancipation Proclamation …


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