Graue Dame im Haus

Or at least that is the rumor.  The tables are full, the gift bags out, the Stooges once more blaring away, a sweaty, trembling hand reaching from the 1970’s to now.  The doors are shut, and we are off.

“We are here to discuss political theatre in America … or, at least, what gets called political theatre.”  Examples …

– when politicans pretend to do stuff …

– social change

– relationships between people and power

– something that reinforces people’s beliefs (CW: “reinforces smugness?”), maybe something like Stuff Happens
[The night’s beverage count so far: 8 waters, 7 coffees, 1 Gatorade, 1 tea …]

And over the transition hangs, invoked – mocking, vaporous – the spectre of remoteness …


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