Complex morals

Blackwatch 1 gets solo applause

DL – The extra layer of how information gets manipulated is what makes it complex

-There is no such thing as pure information

DL – But does that make your situation more complex? Does anyone believe the talking head who says that there are probably no actual cases of rape?

-Seeing the filter in front of you shows/exposes what the news actually is

– That’s what makes good drama, it takes something that reaches our emotions, and then when that is overlayed with non-emotional information you are reminded of the times that you think you know that something won’t bother you and then it does and then you say “I’ll never let that happen again” and then of course you do.

DL – Is that the best we can do?

– Are you wondering what will create a “Waiting for Lefty” situation?

DL – In a sense that’s what we all want, a play that will activate people

– I don’t think so, that’s like putting up a sign up sheet where lots of people sign up and then don’t show up. There’s a difference between feeling like you want to do something and actually doing something. If theatre wants to activate people in that way, I think that’s somewhat irresponsible.

-Doesn’t it depend on what the theatre is advocating for? There is the chance for people to “rehearse” the action and put it in their bodies not just their minds, which could have an effect later on.


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