Full disclosure

‘Rachel Corrie’ – Churchill’s play @ NYTW:

10 minutes long, played at the Royal Court Theatre, stirred controversy, Mainstream Jewish community accused it of being anti-semetic

DL – What’s interesting about the collection thing at the end of each performance is that depending on how it’s staged and how it’s done it can be fairly ambiguous, however instating the collection makes you unable to read it any other way

-There not asking you to pass the hat for “Rockets for Hamas”

Joe – I think that in the age we’re living in = tribalization in every way possible. I was more interested in Blackwatch 1 from the P.O.V. of the journalist. My ‘tribes” story is the journalist’s. It’s not necessarily about the content.

How do we tell a story in this environment? When I get down to ground level, no one knows how to de-tribalize it.

James – Is there any point to try and be simply rational? Is it possible or desirable? Are we trying to roboticize ourselves?


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