non-profit theatre, oh man.

lots of laughs Re: Blackwatch 3

“In the end all we had was the building”
Marketing and Development vs. artists

Does every down-town show serve beer at the show?
NTUSA, David Levine = 2 in a row at ps122

-It’s such a complicated situation when theatre’s are not paying their actors a living wage try to do work that is meaningful.

-It’s labor unions who try to keep their own workers from organizing

-It’s a systemic problem that goes beyond theatre

-These are public spaces, but it’s very secretive what really goes on

DL – But that’s again this question of distance, Chorus Line is great for this very reason.

-There’s a lot of fascination about it, but that’s as far as it goes, there’s kind of this gleeful sense about the punch line, “just once i’d like to make money doing theatre”

-And those press pieces are being written by freelancers!

-And let’s talk about how much these artistic directors and executive directors getting paid!
$450,000 a year – Lynn and Barry!

-Throughout all of American society there is this inequality of wealth!

-But we’re talking about theatre that is doing politically relevant theatre

DL – But non-profit theatre is in a funny place, Block seats, with food, reception with the cast etc they only charged $100!!!
For fuck’s sake, sell them for a grand!
Where’s your outrage?

-I just don’t know where to say enough is enough, we are not above the rest of the world. It’s a mess in terms of fair evaluations. How can our dollar be doing so well when we have such a monsterous national debt

-Who was it that wanted to go back to the gold standard?

-Ron Paul!

DL – We could just outsource the theatre!

-The Living Theatre, founded in 1947, has never had a dime to it’s name, has had genius to instigate it, never made a lot more money, who lived as a broke collective, eating rice and beans, chopping carrots, living the beautiful non-violent revolution. Probably the most political theatre we have, but everything thinks their work stinks.

-But if their work was amazing, there would be SUCH a difference. People would think they are brilliant.

“Devils don’t need advocates, ANGELS need advocates!!!!!”


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