quick practical question before intermission

DL – “if you are doing VS today, do you dress it up or do you let it stand as it was?”

(no hands)

DL – “Wow you guys are sophisticated”

-I don’t know, I need to see more of the play

DL – Modernizing happens a lot, splitting the difference happens a lot – It’s an implulse. Is it more than just selling tickets?

-But you did it like this!

DL – I did it like this, yes. But what about the claims that we are making. An artist is a lot of times choosing between one thing and another.

-What you are really asking is how SPECIFIC do you want to make the time/staging

DL – Fair enough, what’s the value of that?

Joe – In some ways it’s obscene to try to put real, right now issues on stage in movies. I love distance.

DL – That seems like a good place to start.

Joe – Thank you, I have to leave, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself.


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