the money of theatre/theatre of money

DL – Do we need theatre about this?

Ilan – I don’t think we fully understand the effects of this, there’s at least 3 more crashes to come

-Reno understands more about the way this stuff works than more economists, she’s doing a show at Joe’s Pub in April

DL – Do we need to digest before we can perform this stuff?

-The form matters, Reno digests and delivers in a particular way, I’m excited to see Reno cause I want the info synthesized by a wit

-That’s why we have Jon Stewart

-There seems to be a bit of a consensus that when you try in the moment, you tend to fall short, and are less refined

-What is the point of creating the theatre? Personally, I would love to see a piece about the flow of money

-That’s all confidential!

-I think it would be educational, ideally it wouldn’t be political (cause I would want to make my own conclusions), but it would definitely be valid. Someone with theatrical talent could take that basis and overlay an interesting plot or with language or whatever.


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