There’s nothing you can tell anyone that you can’t get on some cable channel

Joe – We live in a world of expose, ‘No Country for Old Men’ wins because we like the story with the least hope.

(Lights back on)
Jon – Did you see that scene we just did?

(ha ha ha)
Let’s talk about ‘Ruined’ (an adaptation of Mother Courage:

-It’s all about what the audience knows!
We assume that Manhattan’s theatre audience doesn’t have the info about what is going on in the Congo (for example), I don’t want to assume that.

– I didn’t think that is WAS an adaptation of Mother Courage, but that’s another story

DL – Well, Marketing matters, and we should get back to that

-How are people invited to a show?

DL – Documentary theater: As practiced in America for the last 20 years or so, you’ll recognize it if you don’t know what it is immediately.

Blackwatch 1


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