OK, you wanna talk about finance?

On to Blackwatch 4, the Wall Street version of the documentary theater set-up.

DL: OK, so who do you guys blame for what is happening on Wall Street?

Jon blames Christi!!  The truth comes out!

Jeff blames Alan Greenspan.  But also de-regulation.  Which Greenspan initiated.  Black t-shirt guy – was Greenspan the man on the tower orchestrating the downturn (a la Reynaud and Jaffier)?

Mary’s lawyer friend – points out the differences between the first three scenes, in terms of who can you blame.  How hard is it to pin it on someone.

DL:  In all the scenes, everyone’s got their reasons for what they do.  Which lines up with audience member who says that it’s probable that Greenspan was acting with the best of intentions.

Christi doesn’t care if Milton Friedman is nice in his personal life or a dick. But his philosophy has had a negative effect.  The results of that philosophy speak for themselves.

DL: But how do you want to see it played out in theater?  Do you not want to see a nice play about Milton Friedman?

DL:  Brecht’s problem is that the tropes in drama of “this is the cycle of humanity that can’t be changed and it’s hopeless” or “this is an evil person with this human side” is capitalism’s way of putting the man down, making sure you don’t feel like there’s no point in trying to upend the system.


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