Is participation the defining characteristic of political theater?

Italian guy – Likes the question.  Is the act of participating in something together political?

TV-sitcoms-are-political-theater lady says there are many ways of engaging an audience, and getting them to participate is just one of them.


DL – The standard model of theater in the U.S. depends on passive spectatorship.  In order for it to be political, doesn’t it have to do something? Doesn’t the audience have to engage in some other way?

The audience wants to know what that means.

Usher Sophie points out that being passive doesn’t necessarily mean being stupid, just as being active or participating doesn’t necessarily mean your intentions are better or more meaningful.

Zing. Good one.

And on that note, over to Simone Weil for the last word.

And just in case it hasn’t be said, I think we all owe audience member Tess a thank you for bringing Colleen to a pitch of wrath on Thursday night that completely changed her monologue in the best way possible.


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