Playing the part

DL: Is there a part that you would be morally opposed to playing in this play?

Colleen talks about being embarrassed to participate in a reading a few months ago – she’d made the commitment, but she really wanted to back out.   The show featured a song called  “Who’s misogynistic now, you stupid fucking bitch?”

Colleen: I make choices about what kinds of characters I think are worth playing.

Character Advocacy – understanding a character’s motivies and living inside them.  (So, believing not just in the role, but believing the things the character believes.)

Italian guy – The question for a performer is not what they think of a particular character, but what is the playwright’s intention with the entire play. It’s ok to play an asshole, but if the playwright doesn’t believe that the character is an asshole, then they might not want to participate in that production.

DL – the example of “24” – all these probably left-leaning actors participating in a TV drama that’s very conservative.


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