Back Again, Schtandink Toll

Venice Saved: a Seminar strides into its last week tonight.  The tables are filled despite the weather, spitty and crapulous and dank.  The New Young Pony Club is playing over the speakers.  Candy is being unwrapped – do it now, punks, or suffer the disdainful wrath of Werthmann! – and at least one t-shirt has been spread out and then, re-folded with a dismal lack of efficiency, stuffed back into its bag.

The beverage count is as follows: 5 waters; 5 coffees.  Meager, just like our times.


One response to “Back Again, Schtandink Toll

  1. Candy unwrapped and EATEN during a play by SW? Isn’t that part of what VS is problematizing? One night, someone had the audacity to eat an entire burrito, with avocado, and extra onions. Was this a brilliant move by a paid plant, or merely a paying audience member? We have been wondering about the subtext of eating that goes on while Venice is starving for our attention–there are, we have noted, even buttercream mints with crucifixes on their wrappers in our bags. All kinds of “consumer” goods. Is this a nod to the Host? Or is it the “host” we are invited–nay, dared–to consume? Or is it just mindless sacrilege? Or is eating during theater another level of participation, in theater, in politics, in the Body, and the Body Politic?

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