Peaceful Venice, in the Palm of my Hand

Jeff Beihl presents the haunting monologue of Jaffier on top of the Bell Tower at sunset, looking down at the city whose fate he controls … the question of pity, and mercy, hovering at the edge of his mind …

And then the Courtesan scene, with Colleen, Jon, and Jeff.  After this scene, after the wronged Courtesan (if you believe her, that is …) tells her story and then describes her bloody, cruel vision of revenge – even the mercenaries are taken aback – the discussion is opened up in earnest.

DL: So … is this political?  In any of the senses we’ve dicussed?  Political at all?

[crickets …]

JK: Sexual politics …

DL: Okay, what community is she talking to, or trying to shape?

W3: she’s talking about herself, her own neuroses – I can imagine her covering herself with Purele.  it seems confessional – deeply personal, not political?  How old was SW when she wrote that – 16?

DL: Actually 31.

W3: I would hope she’d be more nuanced.

DL: Isn’t it?

W3: No.

DL: what about her response: to inflict punishment on the women instead of the men.

W3: I don’t think that’s nuanced.

JH: it seems like you’re assuming the Courtesan is Weil, which seems wrong.

W3: she seems like a teenager.

CW: I see that, but I think the scene is nuanced, presenting the idea of rape as a weapon

DL: I do think that her vision of violation is something of a hang-up, but I don’t think it necessarily undermines her politics … let’s look at another version.


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