Retrenching Even Further

We see Violetta interviewed again, translated into a poor Literary Manager …

DL: Yay!  Laugh at the institution that doesn’t even feed you!

FH: Judith Malina would say that revolutionary times provoke revolutionary art – you can judge a society as how they treat artists

DL: So these aren’t revolutionary times?

FH: Students at CUNY are really disengaged from the issues that you would think would effect them – they look to Jon Stewart, which also means that on some level they don’t actually take them seriously …

Hanny: How many of us here are connected to theatre?  [many hands raised] Brecht was writing when theatre was pop culture – now we can’t say that.

[sidebar on the Ohio Theatre’s closing]

Hanny: it seems like there are two angles to political theatre: what I’m saying is so important that you owe me your attention, or what is happening is so important that I owe it my effort … and it seems like the former is what always happens.  I think that theatre does need to be able to pay its own way – it does need to earn its own place in the market, in the world.  Political theatre is less important when it’s no longer popular culture …

DL: if we’re going to concede that theatre has a smaller audience than TV, people still continue to make political theatre or political art – yet people still continue to do it – do we need to justify it?

SC: you can make an argument for intimacy – that you’re getting a much more powerful experience – that really does separate what theatre can offer from mass media …

DL: okay, but maybe that notion of intimacy, of theatre as a medium of physical immediacy, brings us to another possible view on things – Blasted


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