What is it that you say, again, with your mouth?

DL: how do you define political theatre?

[crickets …]

Okay, dial it back … how do other people define it?

[Jon Krupp makes a noble attempt to kick things off, but Levine wants it from the audience and call him out as a plant.  Krupp insists that though he may indeed be a plant, he is also a human being with an opinion.  Levine acknowledges this as true, but then questions the sincerity of this very interaction, given that it’s taking place on April Fool’s.  Further banterie is forestalled by a paying audience member finally dipping a toe into the water.]

M1 (the brave): it can describes a social-political situation
W1/Emilia: the word politic comes from “body politic ” – this implies a theatre that represents the community
– this comment is seconded and thirded with a fairly open amount of envy at not having made this point before Emilia …
W2: thatre that’s expansive in its form, using formal experimentation that challenges conventions
M2: the reverse of Emilia’s point, theatre that’s addressing the audience as a political body – not as individuals

Cats comes up – again … that depending on the context, even This Emblematic Work can be political (“in a nation that oppresses cats …”)

M3: a theatre that tries to shape a political or social reality …

M2: as opposed to propaganda?

DL: Is propaganda a problem?

Before this can be grappled with, for the word is received as if it were a day-old fish slapped against the brick wall, leaving an ugly smear of scales and slime instead of a white-chalked phrase … the next question appears:

What about results?

And just as quickly we leap forward … into the past.


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