How Many Good and Beautiful Human Beings

The cast runs through the first snippets of Weil’s text, highlighting both its problematic elements and its strengths.  At this point we shift into gear with the Courtesan scene (“I was sixteen years old …”) and kick off the discussion proper:

DL: it’s a good place to start, as it’s a fairly classic scene … is it political?  In the ways we were talking about?

MJ: I would say yes … [example of theory vs. practical example] it seems like it’s got all sorts of things going on –

M4/will: confusing ideas of justice with revenge

M5/mark: victims and victimizers – the idea of someone who’s been hurt who, instead o wanting to help, commits herself to hurting others in the same way.  it raises the spectre of terrorism and oppression

W1: Venice also seem like an allegorical choice – for her to hate Venice is to hate a city that’s very concretely around her – it’s political in a structural way

DL: but we can’t see it – it’s 17th century

W1: that’s the allegory

MJ: like in archeology – a fragment gives you the shape of the pot

DL: okay, but one thing that happens in theatre is that these things get updated …


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