Returning to Sheep

DL: You’re in a theatre again!  nothing is actually happening!

DL: Okay, I do have a question … is there any political art, now that Obama’s in power?

Dan: [solo show, Tings They Happen, about experiences in Nigeria] theatre is an emotional medium – my goal is to get people to think critically, not to think one thing or other, but to think to begin with – that’s civilization.

JH: would you say that a less sophisticated a theatre piece is, the more likely it is to reach a mass audience and be more effective?

LDA: or is it more political to teach people in Nigeria to make their own theatre?

W6: both things are elitist – who are you to tell anyone to do anything, to presume to teach “poor” Nigerians?  it seems very much like an American elitist attitude.

DL: lots of objections: it doesn’t cause riots, it’s about something too far away, it’s too stagey to take seriously … [story of SW visiting friend, sleeping under the kitchen table …] all these questions become super abstract … is there a way to bridge these objections?


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