What We Would Hope to Accomplish

DL: Let’s start with definitions … political theatre?

[Still crickets …]

DL: Okay, what would other people call it?

[Again with the crickets!]

DL: After Obama there’s no political theatre?

M1: raises the idea of liberal and conservative theatre being valid, though we commonly associate it with liberal causes … it’s often impossible to say what the political position of an author is …

MJ: Does that mean we expect political theatre to state a point of view instead of presenting a question?

M1: Well, the idea is that politics does frequently boil down to a few positions.

MJ: Anything that reflects the society – the polis – is a political statement

M2: Cats is a statement – it reflects a society

M1: Politics can infuse everything

MJ: everyone’s a superhero – but I believe that …

M3: theatre that deals with politics in a sophisticated way, but with artistic craft – often political theatre seems sloppy and bad …

W1: I think the question of “good” is often determined by whether or not you agree with the politics – the esthetic and political content/value are indistinguishable.


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