As Eileen and I crunch our way through brown rice crackers with seaweed, the audience is down their unwinding, and commingling, and interacting with the cast. CW promises to wear The Hat.

I am bewildered by Gordon’s ability to also remember to, and manage to, invoke the tags when he blogs.  It feels virtually impossible to do so when one views Whale! Now Gordon has departed. There is a possibility that people in the audience could read this narrative as it is written…where is that ghostly typing come from? Who is Twittering us?

This meta-discourse is potentially fatal to the audience.

Please, drink only in small doses. Like any alkaloid.

Now tummy starting to hurt from too much brown rice seaweed cracker…I should have heeded Simone and not eaten.

Glimpse of DL herdinghis mother into seat.

JW antisocially reading.


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