Playing Blog-ghost

Tonight the blogger of Simone Weil’s Venice Saved Seminar is being played by Mary Di Lucia in the role pioneered by Gordon Dahlquist and in the spirit of Cymoan Veil.

We are in the Bell Tower!

Fire in the Bell Tower on the i-pod …the House is open! In fact, it’s Electric 6, High Voltage.

All the blood connections are here tonight. Zeppelin now whispers, scratchily.

While Mariluetta dances, the imp!, Levine paces in blue t-shirt, unlit cigarette btw teeth. A bevy of audience sprawls along the table, unfolding swag from bags, bouncing glowing electric objects. SW bounces one, entranced. And a voice calls “Gordon…Come!”

It’s like being Pip, in the crow’s nest. What’s going on in the diamond spangled depths? I see the reflections of Ahab, and the footprint of God here as well, in the murk of Creation, of ART being created. What happens once we all fall in? Into the belly of the whale.

Only one coffee on table (Mud); 4 waters; a sprite. Reports have reached our ears that we are out of buttermints with Christian wrapping.


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