Why is this a space where democracy must reign?

Democracy reign?

Eisenfaust–in Germany, the director has an absolute power. Does democracy produce great art? (Everyone is talking now that virgin blood and beer have been spilled)…

This is a democratic space. vs. We love that it looks like a democracy. vs. It looks like a democratic space, but some have paid to be here, and some are being paid, and some are being told where to stand….

Should politiccal theater be burdened with replicating democracy, with doing anything?

The fallacy that democracy means everybody equal: cheap transition, to torture. In the Venetian Republic.  Which scene?

GHBCM has unpacked all the levels of hierarchy that are operating here…in case anyone missed them (and did they catch them this time).

And David slowly explains the scene, when the girls don’t follow. Interesting nod to collaboration, reaction, democracy? I’ve never seen that here before, the director openly adjusting to make it easier for the audience. What am I saying? Isn’t that all it is?

In my heart, I have borne a secret empire! Damn, I’m even starting to remember other people’s lines, despite myself.


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