April is the cruellest month? Another attempt at Saving Venice

MDL a.k.a. Mary Di Lucia Formerly Lark  blogging in again for Venice Saved: A Seminar: The Performance Record!  The only job known so far whereby a writer performs writing live on stage (well, behind–no, above–stage)! In the tradition of  Bartleby the Scrivener, and Kafka’s Hunger Artist:

Woman Writes!

Perhaps Woman Blogs would be more appropriate, but is “blogs” a verb yet?

Led Zeppelin “not loud enough” sayeth our impresario, the doors open, the House opens. So we begin. And perhaps you are tuning in to the virtual reality of our reality; perhaps the ideal situation would be a blog for everyone at the table of discourse. One meta-bloggist might be tracking who sips which beverage when; another the number of times heads turn, faces get scratched; another the patterns and pitter patters of response. Each of us would be blogging as the performance unrolled—or at least, each of us would have a screen from which to blog. But which of us would be officially writing, and which unofficial? When all would be published at the same site, without hierarchy?

Q: who would read it????

I think we know the answer (No One. not even Simone, or God, who is really supposed to be reading everything).

By request, viz. my director, I have loudened the music! A very technical skill. David seems more lighthearted this evening.

The audience redolent with luminosity (as opposed to last night’s numinosity): Mr Potato Himself, the former Nijinsky, David Barlow, he of the mild blue eyes is here! A sort of blessing to have him down there, next to the woman in the Red Houndstooth frock: the murmur across one of the glowing balls of the swag bag. 

Will we receive any references to the commentary tonight? Any notes to be footnoted by the footnoter bloggist? The blog has been mentioned by the actors, before the opening of the house–but that, of course, is unofficial, meta-discourse. Will the commentary feed tonight’s discourse at all? IS that what will make this writing, this subtext, political? Effectual? Do we activate writing by reading it?  Several phone calls and email transmissions were also made regarding the live-writing commentary appearing before your eyes just now–to a Mrs Beulah Rothstein, Liz Glynn, Seemee Ali, Jenni Quilter, Inbla DJ-lovski: all of whom, wherever they are, were invited to tune in, write in, or show up.

The house is full!

DL as stevedore is hauling more chairs. Can we add more tables? And there are those sitting on risers now, away from the table–the audience to the audience, a new layer of hierarchy.

Electric Six High Voltage: loud!


They are playing our song! The trouble is, they do not seem to be playing it LOUDLY enough.


Bev. count: 2 waters, a diet C*ke, a NAntucket Nectar (berry flave?), CW texting madly, dutiful audience actually Reading the Program.


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