Thank you for coming. Write back soon, PS Simone Weil

Simone enters. 

People laugh.

Two people are leaving.

Again, we feel the need for a different speech–her speech tonight does not (nor should it) address all that has transpired here. I think SW’s real response would be much more nuanced, much more gentle. I do not think she was so bitter towards others. Tonight she may have said something different.

Do you want your art to be exquisite?

We have not talked about the city–the city that must perish.

Thank you for coming.



Weil might ask: What is a Seminar without a series of papers submitted? What is discourse, politics if it does not generate a conversation in kind? What is art if it does not inspire more art? Empathy between art and audience? The generosity of this two weeks of Venice Saved: A Seminar inspires in this writer, and no doubt others, a desire to respond generously in kind with a series of written records–monuments in writing–of this fabulous and not only fabulaic performance.


Orderly leaving.

All are beaming down below.


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