We can come back to that later

I have cheated, and asked CW what the secret signal for SW’s transformation is. I won’t tell you what it is, but I will look for it.

The break is over, and all have returned.

And David makes the bold move of returning to a previous discussion (!) and offering beer (!) at the beginning of this act.

There is a din! A noise of imbibing, akin to the imagined tortures of Plautean slaves (sic). The man, DL, has a coffee and a beer in front of him. He is drinking from both. He notes the irony of the costly bottle openers, and the only affordable beer needs no opener…

He links to Linda’s comment about preaching to the converted, and gives a brief comment on what documentary theater is–and then foregrounds the closer world we are discussing now. Will BlackWatch 4 work without BlackWatch 3? I am not sure the links will be clear enough for the audience. What if the documentary “screens” gave the same rape of Venice statistics, while Violetta-as-Wall-Streeter talks?

Stalwart James stumbles charmingly!

David then, boldly, targets Molly–Complicated enough?

Molly says yes; her mind is so busy, she says, it is hard to not be involved intellectually as well as empathetically–as opposed to Rape is Bad.

David then steers in Linda–who says: what is the action of this? Linda says Brecht can’t be political theater viewed as successful–he is too philosophical. So is this, she says. too abstract. Act Up did something.


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