We really do come back to this later

Lights off–or it’s not theater, says DL.

Brilliant timing!

David cuts to Black Watch 3! ABout non-profit theaters–shushing Linda of NYTW….will it provoke her? Was it written to problematize exactly what she does and how she does it, the way she does it? 

Coriolanus even gets a laugh here–Coriolanus has already been mentioned by this crowd. It already has resonance. 

Do I have to go to Germany to do my job, (Linda)?

DL references the break–ActUp, debts, strikes, and Rachel Corey when it didn’t happen–as the most viable kind of political theater. Is it political theater only when it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do?

All in the Family comes up.

David protests “television?” is not theater.

Man says no, political theater–All in the Family–it transforms consciousness and culture. It gets regular people to talk.

CW: the room is often so full of discussion about theater, but the discussions become strident, hostile, theater is broken down–all the discussions become destructive towards theater.

What Linda is poking at…a play about Kabul is the politics of theater–theater about politics is political theater?

Bad theater. Hollywood? Clifford Odets. It’s exciting to be able to take things to task: is David Obama for Theater? It feels dominated by the few. There is sophisticated interaction–but it is not divided up well. I wonder what David Barlow is thinking. Or Zachary. Or Eileen. Or the many other faces I see out there. Why do some people feel as if they are allowed to speak, and others not? Why are the non-participants not speaking? What are they thinking? 


I left the theater and moved to Gaza. And I felt just as useless there! She says. It’s not only one event happens–even in action. Doing a political play that doesn’t get a result is not a failure–it is a moment in time.

You cannot measure the changes in peoples minds.

The notion that reality tv is theater–and that we are addicted, in this country, to theater.  There is a basic humanneed for theater–we cannot afford theater at 50 dollars a pop, but we can afford tv. It’s elitist to say that theater is only a live experience.

Talk to Iraqis, or see a play about Iraqis, or get up and move around–and a person gets up and moves around!

You are super unusual! Man walking around…so walking around in theater is a radical act. How bizarre that something not bizarre should be bizarre.

How do we behave when we are watching, how do we behave as a citizen in a public space–home theater, tv, vs. in a theater.

Insulting the actors.

Insulting the audience.

Locking the audience in the gallery.

TV directors making a “captive” audience so you are glued to a screen. What’s the difference between tv and theater?

There is no difference in the show, says Linda, when we do not watch the tv, what the audience says is irrelevant. We can affect the action as audience.  (We can?)

Bearded man has long comment. It gets impossible to take all of this in.

Let’s do Torture!

(Not live torture, he says)…Dang! Is this the point at which someone should jump into the ring bearing a broken beer bottle and say “Torture, let’s talk about torture”? Some crazed member of the audience?


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