Nothing but Commands

The actors have been introduced in the short scenes, then we see Jaffier’s monologue and finally the first scene with the Courtesan.  The mood in the room is a little tricky – the comic nature of the first scenes still simmers under the surface into this last scene, so that there are snickers of ironic apprecation to the Courtesan’s revenge

DL: Does this speak to us today?  Does it have any relevance?


DL: No?


DL: Okay, well what if we did it like this …

[and this takes CW by surprise!  so quickly!  back into the white!]

DL: Okay, it’s 100 years after SW’s birth but this doesn’t feel relevant to anyone … so we update it to the 21st century …

[he describes the circumstances for the second Courtesan scene …]


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